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An eighteen-member Board of Trustees governs the Association. Fifteen of the Trustees are selected from the roster of Incorporators. In addition, there are three ex-officio Trustees: a member of the Westerly Town Council, a member of the Stonington Board of Selectmen, the President of the Friends of the Westerly Public Library and Wilcox Park. Today there are over 200 Incorporators of the Memorial and Library Association. New Incorporators are proposed by the nominating committee of the Board of Trustees, and elected at the annual meeting in September.
  • Richard W. Constantine, President
  • Stephen McAllister, Vice-President
  • Robert J. Malley, Secretary
  • Robert J. Arsenault, Treasurer

  • Alison G. Cameron
  • Fred Engel
  • Mary M. Goodman
  • Robert J. Holland
  • William J. Meyer
  • Susan H. Ogle
  • Justin J. Stevenson III
  • Olive P. Tamm
  • Beth Tillman
  • Christopher G. Wallace
Ex-Officio Trustees
  • Caswell Cooke, Jr. Westerly Town Council Representative
  • Erin Call Friends of Westerly Library & Wilcox Park President
  • Glee A. McAnanly - Stonington Selectman Representative
Executive Director
  • Brigitte Hopkins