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Long Range Plan








The Memorial and Library Association consists of the Westerly Public Library and Wilcox Park. The purpose of the long range plan is to guide our efforts for the next three years.




The mission of the Memorial and Library Association is to stimulate the intellect and imagination by providing access to literature, information, nature, and the arts.



The vision of the Library is to provide the community with superior library services, and to serve as one of the cultural and intellectual centers of the area.


The vision of the Park is to provide the community with a place for passive recreation, and to serve as a venue for cultural and educational programs which are free and open to the public.




I.                   To ensure that the Library continues to develop collections and provide information access of superior scope and quality to meet the wide interests of our patrons.


Key Objectives:


Evaluate the use, relevance, and quality of our collections and access to information.


Plan for collection development, patron services, and programming.


Invest appropriately in emerging formats while maintaining superior print and media collections.


II.                 To ensure that the Park continues to maintain the landscape and develop the educational value of the Park.


Key Objectives:


 Develop an Advisory team of horticulturists.


 Create new interpretive signage.


Continue Group Tours.


Develop educational presentations on the history and horticulture of the Park.



III.             To encourage public awareness and provide easy access to Library and Park resources.


Key Objectives:


Implement new outreach initiatives.


Emphasize the educational value of Wilcox Park.


Provide space for passive recreation and spontaneous family gatherings in a serene environment.


Provide easy and efficient access for all residents through adaptive technology and a variety of formats and services.


Invest in technology to expand access to Library collections and resources.


Continue to expand access to information through the Associationís web page.


IV.             To anticipate and meet the educational and cultural needs of the community through programs, events, and activities.


Key Objectives:


Maintain diverse cultural programming.


Remain dedicated to providing and supporting lifelong learning, starting with pre-school children.


Further encourage the public to use Library resources and technologies by providing hands-on training and workshops.


Expand the cooperative programs with the Library and Park.


Increase the educational programs in the Park.


Increase the hours for the assistant horticulturist position.


Develop training program for Park docents.



V.                To support staff, one of the Associationís most valuable assets.


Key Objectives:


Determine and maintain optimal staffing.


Continue to encourage individual staff development.


Initiate a program to recognize and support the excellent work of individual staff members.


Review staff benefits regularly.


Hire an Assistant Director.


Expand volunteer programs in all areas.


VI.             To ensure the long-term financial security and integrity of the Associationís core assets and activities.


Key Objectives:


Continue to assess the capital needs of Library buildings and Park infrastructure and ensure superior maintenance.


Educate the Governing bodies of Westerly and Stonington about cost-effective delivery of public services in the Library and Park.


Explore opportunities for cooperative purchasing of goods and services with the Town of Westerly.


Continue to raise funds from grants, events, and annual campaigns to meet the needs of both the Library and Park.


Complete the Capital Campaign.



Approved by the Board