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Hoxie Gallery

The Hoxie Gallery, named after William D. and Lavinia B. Hoxie, is a public art gallery that generally displays the work of local area artists. 

This month in the Hoxie Gallery


Suzanne Albert



Suzanne D. Albertís art celebrates the light, warmth and color following the American landscape tradition. Her landscapes primarily depict coastal regions of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine and the Carolinas.


She conveys timelessness in the landscape, a universal idea of that place. Her bold use of pastel in color and spontaneous mark-making give the work its unique character that has awarded her numerous prizes in juried shows, including the Grumbacher Award.


She has exhibited extensively throughout Southeastern New England, including solo shows at the Newport Art Museum in Newport, the Dodge House and Wheeler Galleries in Providence, the Veteranís Memorial Auditorium in Providence, Rhode Island, the Attleboro Museum in Massachusetts, as well as in New York City and Connecticut.



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