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350x Around the Park

At noon on January1, 2018 the Friends of Westerly Library and Wilcox Park will be at the esplanade (directly across from Town Hall) to launch 350x Around the Park, an invitation for people and their dogs to walk around the park. Recording sheets and special collectible buttons will be distributed. Forms to print are available here. If you print out your own, be sure to stop by at the library and sign up to register in the white binder on the Circulation counter.

Each time a person walks around the park, he records the date on a line. If four laps are completed that day, four lines will be filled. Each form has 50 lines. Completed forms will be handed in at the Circulation Desk at the Library. New forms will be available in a white binder found there. A poster hanging in the library will track the progress walkers are making.

How far is it around the park? One lap around the main path is less than a half mile, but if one goes around the far side of the pond, the distance is one-half mile. Either a short lap or a long lap counts as one time around the park. The park is open from dawn to 9pm every day. 

A study published in 2014 (Environment and Behavior) has shown that looking at trees can significantly reduce stress levels, and it is common knowledge that seeing a smiling face and exchanging greetings brightens even the grayest wintery day.  Join in the fun and walk with your friends.

Email with any questions. 

Ellie Coffey, President of the Friends, says, “See you around---350 times!”

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