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Local History

Discover the beautiful towns of Westerly, RI and Stonington, CT.

Gus Moran Art Exhibit

This month's exhibit will be with local artist, Gus Moran! His pieces can be viewed in the Hoxie Gallery through the month of June during library hours.

"This exhibition represents the last six years of my work and I am excited to show in the fantastic space that is the Hoxie Gallery. This show demonstrates the full range of subject matter that I have been engaged with: figurative, landscape, and abstraction. I, like other artists, am interested in creating a provocative visual experience that will, hopefully, be appreciated by the public."

About the artist:

"Painting has always seemed an adventure to me. I’m never sure what is going to happen or what it will look like. The face of the painting is always in motion. What influences my work often is what may be happening in my environment, my world - the emotional stuff artists see and turn into art. During the process of working, the form changes; my way of working is like a puzzle, a joyous puzzle where things are moved around until the boundaries of expression are enlarged. Usually months go by before color and form come together and tell a story I can relate to. It always seems that at the last minute, a light goes on in my brain, then a few strokes with the brush are all it takes to finish what took months of work. Then, I can walk away from it.

My inspiration comes from my soul. We are living, breathing beings: As an artist, I am driven by philosophical questions such as, what can we do with the luxury of our short time on earth to contribute creatively to our world, and what can we do to satisfy the passion that the artist has to create?"


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