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Active Bystander Training

You are minding your own business in a store or on a bus. You see someone bullying a person who looks as if he/she is not capable of handling the situation. What do you do?  In a time when people are quick to express anger and more likely to be angry at people “not like them”, many of us are seeking tools to respond effectively to such biased anger.

This highly interactive training will give you tools and insights to use in such situations and a chance to think about how you might use them. We present information, share experiences, and strategize bystander responses to a variety of situations.


At the end of this session you will:

  • Understand the roles in situations
  • Understand what discourages us from acting when we see harm doing
  • Understand how to move through this resistance to action

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Facilitated by Managing Partner of Organizational Ignition, James McKim. 

This is a hybrid event, you can participate online via Zoom OR in-person in the library Auditorium.

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