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Local History

Discover the beautiful towns of Westerly, RI and Stonington, CT.

Staff Picks

June 2022


Susan recommends:

The Narrowboat Summer by Anne Youngson

Before they know what they have done, Sally and Eve agree to drive a friends narrowboat on a journey through the canals of England. As they glide through the countryside, the challenges and eccentricities of narrowboat life draw them together and an unforgetabel story unfolds.  


Marilyn recommends: 

1,000 Perfect Weekends: Great Getaways Around the Globe by National Geographic Society

We can only wish to have 1,000 weekends in a summer, but if you can cross just one of these magnificent suggestions for a weekend this summer, I'd say you're winning the game. 




Morgan recommends:

Heartstopper Series and Show by Alice Oseman and Netflix 

Before the hit Netflix show, which I also highly reccomend, were the graphic novels of the same name! This is a gay coming-of-age story, adorable and silly. It is perfect to read on the beach, Wilcox Park, or on a plane headed to a new destination. After you are hooked, you can rejoice that there is plenty more to read from this four-book series. 


People we meet on vacation bEmily Henry

Best friends Alex and Poppy don't have much in common, but they keep their friendship alive they take an annual vacation together. After one disasterous trip, everything falls apart. Now, trying to get her life back together, Poppy asks Alex for one last trip to try and figure out what went wrong.



 Sara recommends:

The Island of the Sea Women by Lisa See

A sweeping historical saga spanning several generations of an all-female diving collaborative beginning in colonial Korea through present times. Fascinating novel about a little-known profession! 



 Keara recommends:

Inside Out a Film

Very good, very cute!  I've watched it half a dozen times. You'll see just how the brain works to process emotion, in proper Disney fashion, as Riley struggles to adapt to life after a big family move.  


Keely recommends: 

The Vacationers by Emma Straub

Join this unorthodox family on vacation as they navigate all that comes with being together with your family...overseas...for an extended period of time....                                                       


The Blue Bistro bElin Hilderbrand 

Head to the island of Nantucket and through the doors of The Blu Bistro. Adrienne takes a job at a fine dining establishment after a nasty break-up with her latest boyfriend. A perfect summer read that food lovers will devour.