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Local History

Discover the beautiful towns of Westerly, RI and Stonington, CT.

Staff Picks


October 2021


Stacey recommends:

"The Book Review" Podcast 

Host: Pamela Paul

This podcast features conversations with authors and editors at The New York Times Book Review. My "to read" list expands with every new episode!



Caroline recommends: 

Names of New York by Joshua Jelly-Shapiro 

Written by a cultural geographer who explores "the power of naming to shapeexperience and our sense of place."



Tim recommends:

All Systems Red by Martha Wells

In a corporate dominated future, if you're surveying a new world, you're going to need insurance, and you're going to need to bring that insurance with you. Meet Murderbot, your Company-supplied security android. His job is to keep you from getting eaten, or going stir-crazy and killing everyone else on the expedition, but he'd really like it if you just left him alone long enough that he could finish binging his favorite tv series.


Marilyn recommends:

The Murmur of Bees by Sofia Segovia

Captivating, mystical, magical...set during the Mexican Revolution and 1918 Flu Pandemic, this historical novel begins with the discovery of a newborn swaddled by a swarm of bees. Simonopio uses his magic to protect his adoptive family as best can from evil: illness and war but not their own flaws or the vengefulness of down-trodden tentant farmer. Read it or listen to the audiobook; the narrators are truly wonderful.



Betsey recommends: 

Outlander TV Series 

Game of Thrones meets Time Travel meets some Bridgerton? Based off the novels from Diana Gabaldon, Claire and Jaime are brought to life in this series. If you loved the books try the series, if you love historical fiction watch it play out in front of you!


Kendra recommends:

Ed Emberly's Complete Fun Print Drawing Book by Ed Emberly

Using just fingerprints and a few letters, Ed Emberley shows would-be artists how to create owls, pigs, fish, and basketballplayers! This colorful step-by-step book is easy and crafty, and provides hours of art-full fun.



Artist to artist : 23 major illustrators talk to children about their art

An anthology featuring 23 beloved artists in children’s literature, talking informally to children—sharing secrets about their art and how they began their adventures in illustration. Self-portraits of each illustrator crown this celebration of artists and the art of picture book.