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The Library is Bursting with New Books

It’s been awhile since we’ve written about book recommendations, and our New Book section is absolutely bursting with shiny materials just waiting to be checked out.  Whether you want a book to relax on the porch with, or something to help guide you through your spring to-do list (after all, it’s time to build those raised beds, begin that landscaping project, clean your grout and organize your basement…), we’ve got you covered.

Our mystery collection is – and has always been – extremely popular! If you’re a fan of crime mysteries, Donna Leon continues to thrill with “Transient Desires”, the thirtieth (30th!) novel in her Commissario Brunetti series. For those interested in a good ol’ murder mystery, Peter Swanson’s “Every Vow You Break” is full of the kinds of twists and turns that keep you on the literal edge of your seat. For something even darker, check out “The Lost Village” by Camilla Sten, a disturbingly dark and creepy read that has been named a Most Anticipated Book by Goodreads, Publishers Weekly, and more.

There are some truly fascinating new nonfiction books, especially for those interested in animal life. In “A Most Remarkable Creature”, Jonathan Meiburg investigates the Caracara: intensely curious and exceptionally intelligent birds of prey that Charles Darwin was equally astonished by back in 1833. Birders (and non-birders!) will appreciate “A World on the Wing” by Scott Weidensaul, an exploration of the migratory patterns of birds that has been described by numerous sources as a “page-turner”. Along this same theme, “Beloved Beasts” by Michelle Nijhuis provides a history of the conservation movement that is both comprehensive and utterly engaging.

A few outliers that didn’t fit neatly in a category, but are still worth mentioning: “Laundry Love” by Patric Richardson is perhaps the most engrossing (and maybe the ONLY engrossing) book about a chore that is almost universally disliked. Give it a try! I’ve also been looking forward to “The New York Times Cooking No-Recipe Recipes” by food editor Sam Sifton, a collection of no-fuss, non-recipes that will encourage you to try your hand at improvisational cooking. I also highly recommend “This is the Fire” by Don Lemon, a thoughtful, passionate, and important discussion about racism – both historic and ongoing – in America.

Looking for something tailored more to your personal interests? Visit our website at, fill out a brief form, and we’ll email you a curated list of recommendations! We also update our Staff Picks page on the website monthly, so browse through it for up-to-date suggestions. And – of course – if you’re in the library you can choose books from one of our many displays, or find a staff member and ask them for recommendations! We’re here to help.


By Cassie Skobrak, Reference Librarian