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Westerly Sun Column

Upcoming DVDs by Jules Belanger, Reference Librarian


If you love to watch the latest blockbuster movies, the following have library records created. You can place a hold, and get on the list for when a DVD is released:


Mortal Engines is a blockbuster post-apocalyptic adventure film about a giant, predator city on wheels. Bumblebee, which grossed $432 million worldwide, stars the popular Transformers character. Holmes and Watson is described as a “mystery buddy comedy” starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. If Walt Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns is your cup of tea, you can reserve a copy now. Also Green Book, which is set in the Deep South in the 1960s, about an African-American jazz pianist and an Italian-American bouncer. The Favourite is the British period comedy-drama that everyone is raving about, while Robin Hood has terrible reviews, but I think looks rather enjoyable. We’ll see. Mary Queen of Scots is a historical drama that has been nominated for several awards, and finally there’s Vice which is a comedy-drama about Dick Cheney.

Although there are already lots of holds on these popular movies, I always think it’s fun add my name to the list, and enjoy the surprise when it pops up on the shelf to take home. Free gift to self!


Here are some films to be released on DVD shortly that you may not have noticed:


A Boy Called Sailboat looks absolutely gorgeous. It’s a feel-good movie about a little boy and his ukulele. Welcome to Marwen stars Steve Carell. I find toy photography fascinating, and we have the books Welcome to Marwencol in the OSL library system, if you’d like to take a closer look at Mark Hogancamp’s work. In Attenborough and the Sea Dragon, David Attenborough applies his masterful storytelling skills to a prehistoric fish-lizard. Incidentally, the full episode is available to stream for free on until February 6th. As for TV series, My Brilliant Friend is an American-Italian HBO series based on the popular novels by Elena Ferrante, about a friendship between two girls in a working-class Italian neighborhood in the 1950s. In Kidding, Jim Carrey plays a children’s show host in emotion free-fall. Both will be released on DVD shortly.


I also bought a couple of fun British BBC TV series lately. I think we are the only library to buy them, so there is no record yet - you might have to do a “note to self” if you want to see them. Marley's Ghosts is a lighthearted sitcom, and Shakespeare and Hathaway is a cozy mystery series you might enjoy if you love the old Midsommer Murders series.

Finally, Masterpiece’s Jamestown, about the 1619 colony, from the creators of Downton Abbey, was released on DVD on January 29th, and so will be arriving in the library soon.  

All are free with a Rhode Island library card. Enjoy!