I Chose Happiness is a comic, musical, one-man program that explores taking risks, inner and outer. It’s a series of engaging songs, strung together by a story, that explores the humiliating, humorous, and inspirational consequences of changing your career and life. Author Robert Markowitz discusses how he took his personal story and transformed it into fiction. His novel, Clown Shoes, released by Heliotrope Books in June 2023, originated as a memoir of his career change from criminal lawyer to party clown to children’s musician. But when Markowitz discovered the deeper meaning of his story, he decided to accentuate it by raising the stakes, incorporating a love affair, condensing the timeline, and creating a redemption arc. He picked up important tips by studying how Ernest Hemingway fictionalized his trip to Pamplona, Spain into the novel, The Sun Also Rises. 

His book will be available for purchase.