Additional Ways To Give

Become a Sustaining Member

Donors can set up automated monthly donations to be deducted directly from their debit card, credit card or PayPal account. 

CLICK HERE, enter monthly donation amount and click (or check) the box stating "Make This A Monthly Donation".

IRA Direct Transfer

Donors age 70 1/2 and up can direct money be transferred directly from their IRA to a qualified charity such as the Library and Park.  That amount does count towards the donor's minimum distribution, but no federal income tax is due on the distribution.  This is a unique, tax-wise way to support Westerly Library and Wilcox Park.

Donating Securities

Gifts of Securities are welcome. Donors who donate securities that have been held for more than one year will generally receive a charitable tax deduction for the full fair market value of the securities, and avoid capital gains taxes on the appreciation of the assets over their original cost bases. Please be sure to consult with your financial or tax advisor for specific tax information when giving securities.

Planned Giving

Various types of planned gifts are possible, ranging from a simple bequest in a will or revocable trust to charitable trusts and gifts from retirement plans. An effective gift plan may increase your current income or provide retirement income, while earning a current tax deduction and providing for a future gift to the Memorial and Library Association of Westerly.

Memorial & Celebration Books

Many people like to donate money to purchase books to celebrate special birthdays or to honor the death of friends and family members. The person’s name is placed on a bookplate with an appropriate message.

For more information contact Stacey Jackson, Director of Development, at 596-2877 extension 322 or  

Donor Privacy Policy

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