Martha Crandall Urn




   Martha Jane Crandall, Granite Urn | 1887



Women's Monument image   



   Women's Monument, featured at the Chicago World's Columbian Exposition | 1893



Hiker Memorial dedicated to the Veterans of the Spanish American War   



    Hiker Memorial to the Veterans, of the Spanish American War by Allen G. Newman | 1924



Wilcox Memorial Fountain image   



   Wilcox Memorial Fountain, by John Francis Paramino | 1929



World War II Memorial




   World War Memorial, by Arthur A. Shurcliff | 1937



Cristoforo Columbo Statue image   



   Cristoforo Columbo Statue, by Charles H. Pizzano | 1949



Westerly Granite Industry image   



   Westerly Granite Industry Monument | 1985



Margaret Wise Brown's "The Runaway Bunny" Statue




   Margaret Wise Brown's "The Runaway Bunny", by Joan Binney Ross | 1998

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