Plantings and Trees

The Horticulture of Wilcox Park

An impressive collection of plant species adorn Wilcox Park. From magnificent trees to perennials, the plant composition of the Park is both beautiful as well as educational. Several plantings are labeled for identification.

Champion Trees

The RI Tree Council maintains a list of the largest trees called the RI Register of Big Trees. These are trees that, due to height, average crown spread and trunk circumference, are the largest of their species in RI. Wilcox Park has eight Champions and two runners up. Westerly ranks 4th in the number of Champion trees, all of which are in Wilcox Park. 

Formal Gardens

The Esplanade is the most prominent space within Wilcox Park., being directly across the street from the Town Hall. This area is the only symmetrical space within the park. This space includes landscape architecture to compliment the Italianate architectural style of the existing Library building. The area displays classic formal garden attributes. Low boxwood hedges define the perimeter spaces and feature repeating parterres, with flowering perennials enlivening the gardens and adding seasonal color. There will also be a five-foot compass rose in the center crafted from Westerly red granite.

Friends Perennial Garden 

The Perennial Garden, which was a gift of the Friends of the Library in 1980, is a collection of specially chosen hardy perennials which display color and greenery from spring through autumn. The Friends provided additional support in 2004 for park staff and volunteers to reconfigure and restore the Perennial garden.  The Perennial gardens are bordered by a boxwood hedge and feature hosta, sedum, salvia, lamb’s ears and silver mound. The showcase of the circular bed is the Woman's Urn, surrounded by germander and seafoam roses. 

Self-Guided Tour of Wilcox Park

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