Posting Policy

Policy for Posting, Display, and Distribution of Materials

Westerly Library and Wilcox Park, referred to as the Association, maintains bulletin boards, brochure racks, and tables for the purpose of disseminating library, community, or public service information of educational or cultural interest.

All materials for display or distribution must be submitted for approval by administration. Any material found on the bulletin boards or in brochure racks that have not been approved may be removed and discarded. Dated material will be removed as soon as possible after the event. Undated material will be removed after a minimum of two weeks or when the space is needed for other materials.

The Association posts and/or distributes free materials such as community pamphlets, flyers, calendars, newsletters, tabloids, and other information for public awareness and convenience. The library acts as a distribution point for information that city, county, state, and federal government agencies wish to disseminate widely. The library will post and distribute information on educational and cultural opportunities available within the area. Job search information will be posted or distributed if it is of general public interest.

Materials which will not be posted or distributed include personal requests, and commercial advertisements of products or services. Because space is limited, community notices of a cultural, recreational, educational, or community service nature will be posted and/or distributed by the Association subject to the following priorities:

1. Library and park programs.

2. Programs co-sponsored by the Association.

3. Programs of a cultural, recreational, educational or community service nature sponsored by non-profit organizations.

4. Programs sponsored by tax-supported agencies.

Display items should be of reasonable size for the display space available. The appearance and content of the notice must be suitable for the Association’s general public service area.

Posters, petitions or notices for political parties or candidates or those advocating a position on a public issue will not be posted. The Association also will not display product advertisements or services that require payment. The Association reserves the right to limit or prohibit at any time the posting or distribution of materials which represent a threat to the health or safety of library users, or the orderly use of the library. It also reserves the right to dispose of materials that have been posted or put in the brochure rack. It cannot be held responsible for returning materials to the donors.

The Association may distribute multiple copies of on-going publications, informational brochures, pamphlets, etc. of a cultural, recreational or educational nature. Consideration of distribution of non-library materials is subject to distribution guidelines with library and/or park materials distributed first. Distribution or requests to distribute materials must be made through the Administration Office. The removal of any tacked postings is prohibited.

The removal of any material regarding any type of library information, program, or service is considered library property and against Rhode Island State Law SECTION 11-41-14.1. Any person(s) found removing any book or other library property shall be deemed guilty of larceny.

The library may accept copies of newspapers and other periodicals for in house display and use.

Questions about this policy may be directed to the Executive Director.

Approved by the Board of Trustees March 17, 2015

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