Please join us for a lecture with Professor Emeritus Guy McPherson on "Anthropogenic Climate Change Poses an Existential Threat: How Shall We Respond?" He will facilitate a discussion about anthropogenic climate change. Included will be consideration of climate change as an existential threat, along with actions we can take as individuals and as a community.

About Guy McPherson:

Guy McPherson is Professor Emeritus of Natural Resources and the Environment at the University of Arizona, where he taught and conducted research for 20 award-winning years. His scholarly work, which has focused on the conservation of biological diversity for many years, has produced more than a dozen books and hundreds of articles.

McPherson lived off-the-grid for more than a decade, initially in a straw-bale house in rural, southwestern New Mexico and then in western Belize, Central America. At these locations, he put into practice his lifelong interest in sustainable living via organic gardening, raising small animals for eggs and milk, and working with members of his rural communities.

Guy received his B.S. degree in Forest Science from the University of Idaho and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Range Science from Texas Tech University. In addition to his career at the University of Arizona, he taught and conducted research at the University of California-Berkeley, Southern Utah University, and Grinnell College. He also served as the inaugural director of the David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellowship Program when The Nature Conservancy administered it.

Most of McPherson's contemporary presentations focus on abrupt, irreversible climate change. These presentations are based on three decades of research on climate change and an extensive, ongoing review of contemporary literature. Guy became a certified grief-recovery specialist in January 2014. The certification came from the Grief Recovery Institute.